Minecraft is a huge sandbox game where you collect resources, build, and explore your map. You have to build a shelter before night falls because if it’s dark enough, monsters such as zombies, skeletons, and spiders will spawn and try to kill you.

So I recently bought Minecraft (really fun game) after watching a few let’s play videos, and started out by building a cave as a shelter. The cave I started building in was inside a hill right next to some shallow water, so to build there, I had to place dirt blocks on that water. So then, after a while, I had a nice little house with some windows and stuff. At night, I would be digging a staircase with a goal to find a nice cave system with diamonds. I called it “The Fish cave” because I like random names. The next room I built was the View Room, a room on the second floor of my house made mostly out of glass. I started running out of room in my large chest, so I decided to make another room, and me liking cheesy names, I called it the useful room, because of how useful it is. I put some workbenches, large chests, and 6 furnaces in there. I planned on having an incinerator in there once I found lava.

Then, while digging, I hit a huge cave system while digging. I started to explore that when night came, and found plenty of iron, coal, lava, red stone, and later I found some diamond in there. Then, I was a bit too careless with my stuff and soon caught fire while trying to get to more diamond and lost all my diamond pick, steel and stuff. Then, I was searching for some more iron, so I could actually mine diamond if I find it again. During the day, I started to work on a greenhouse, and called it “the Garden of Plants” for teh lulz. I had a moat around it so that the plants could get water. The Garden of Plants was outside, so I built another room in my house to serve as a little hallway. I’ve been planning on making an underwater room for a little while, but I wanted it farther out into the ocean so that it would actually be more than 1 block underwater. So I started to build a little bridge, then I placed some wood on it so that it’s a closed hallway where zombies can’t get to me, then made the room out of glass.

During the night, I went to my cave to explore some more. I found a link to the surface, found lots of diamond and gold, and then almost got killed by a skeleton. I made a gold block, 2 diamond picks, and a diamond shovel. I wanted to make a Minecraft logo on top of the bridge, so I made that. It looked pretty cool. Then, while I was doing some stuff in the useful room, and me and my ADHD pressed the reset button on the computer with my toe by accident. I went back into minecraft, and my save file was gone. I got really frustrated, then started the new world. Back to making my house all over again. I really missed my fish caves. I was hoping this map would have a cave as big as the fish caves.

MINECRAFT on the hallway

The Minecraft logo I made on top of my bridge

My house

My house

I fell in love with this new map. I didn’t know why, but there was a huge line in the map, with a huge, never-ending cliff that went straight down. It was the perfect place to build my new house. I also found tons of clay on this map.For some reason, I couldn’t use any 3rd party mappers like cartograph, probably because Minecraft didn’t overwrite all of the files yet. But Minecraft had no problem with the map. So I started to build my new house. The cliff went straight down into a deep ocean, so by building my house in the middle of the cliff, I’d be almost completely safe from monsters, becuase they can’t really swim that far, and they wouldn’t just go there out of random, because they can’t target me from that far away.

After exploring this new world a bit, I found some more clay, a zombie spawner, and I discovered that the cliff line bent, and changed direction. Not too far from there, it bent again. I started to head back because it was almost night, and I was still confused about why the map generated like that. I built more of my house, then, I went to explore again, and this time I walked the other way, the opposite way that the cliff was facing. I found this weird block of land, so I walked and swam to it, and suddenly my movement was glitched. I went out and back in to see if that would work. I tried to drown myself with some water, but couldn’t get it high enough. I went out and back in a few more times, and then, I finally realised why the cliff was there. Why the game froze. I saw some planks, with NEC on top of them, made out of cobblestone. I could see that I was walking towards my house, and the NEC was part of the Minecraft logo. I had to start all over again, again.


Edit: Here is the rest of what’s left of my world: Just a few maps, that’s it.

I would kill for a program that looked at maps, takes into consideration the date that you created the map and your current system time, and checked every possible seed for that day at any coordinates to eventually find the seed of the world.

    • tjb0607
    • January 21st, 2011

    I really am missing this world now. ;( I just wish I could play it just once, because it would bring back some great memories.

  1. oh i get it, because gardens are made of plants.




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