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My broken FoF guitar

D: I need it fixed.


If FoF had an official controller

I haven’t been on blender for a while now, because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to model. this weekend, I had an idea, where I would model a keyboard with Guitar Hero frets and strum bar and whammy bar. After a few hours of modeling and texturing, I came up with this:

Keytar v1.0

Update 1: Whammy bar

Update 2: small Whammy update, and full HD video

Hello world!

Hey, this is tjb0607, and this is my new blog. I’m on the computer all the time, and I have everything else (Facebook, Youtube, Deviantart, and I’m active on a couple forums, also) so I started wondering, why not create a blog? I originally made a Blogger site, but it wasn’t custumizable enough, and didn’t have enough advanced awesome stuff. Too many limitations.

I’ll be posting stuff like pictures of my cats (once we get a real camera) videos and pictures made in blender, FoFiX songs and stuff.

So have a look around, and for now, this site is still under construction, but I hope you enjoy reading this!